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Forum rules
These rules are pretty simple.

• Post in the appropriate section for what you are posting.
If there isn't a section that seems right, put it in the section that seems closest to the right one and message me to ask about it.. I am very open to suggestions and am glad to add more sections as the boards grow and take shape.

•No flaming.
This includes any personal attacks at all, especially remarks based on someone's actual or perceived race, religion, creed, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, gender identification, disability, etc.
Address the post, not the poster. Disagreeing is fine, but mud slinging and attacks are not.

•Do not share your user name or password with ANYONE..
This includes passwords for restricted areas of the boards.

As long as everyone follows these few simple rules, we will all have a nice place to congregate.
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  • The Rules!
    Just what it says! You can also post questions, comments, requests for clarification or suggestions regarding the rules here.
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  • What is LotGD??
    If you got here from somewhere other than a LotgD site, and wonder what this is all about, or are having problems with registering because you can't answer the automated submission prevention question, this will help you.
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  • Forum Announcements
    This section contains announcements that have to do with the forums themselves.
    Things such as new features, sections, and the like will be posted here.
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  • Suggestion Box
    Here is where you can post requests for categories, features, or anything else you'd like to see for this board.
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