Dragon - In Training - Owned by Moreta

Information on vital stats, skill sets, availability, and a general introduction to the slaves owned by Moreta and/or in training at Moreta's Den of Sanguinary Pleasures.

Dragon - In Training - Owned by Moreta

Postby dragon50 » 20 Sep 2012, 11:39

Name: Dragon
Owner: Moreta
Type: General Purpose slave
Level of training: In Training - Stage 3.8
Trained in: the following slave positions; Nadu, obeisance, heeling, tower, lesha, display, kneeling to the whip, leading(AKA Hair), slave lips, bracelets, nestle, and table, Basic and Formal Food and Drink Service,
Special training:
Unique Skills/Abilities: Has un trained Magical abilities as yet unknown
Hair Colour: Reddish Blond
Eye Colour: Blue
Skin Tone: Dark Tanned
Height: 6'
Body Type: Muscular
Race: Human
Background: Orphaned as an infant he has no real knowledge of his past
Additional info
In Training at Moreta's Den of Sanguinary Pleasures.

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