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Postby Roxy » 11 Jan 2012, 19:36

Known Name:

Human/Lion, otherwise known as Felyne.

Roxy is fairly short, the restructuring of her genetic code leaving her human form’s growth stunted. She falls at a mere 4'8"

She is thin, but still retains womanly curves in all the right places, namely, her hips, which with the swaying of her tail, draw quite a bit of attention.

She has, long, wavy auburn colored hair, which is normally left wild and untamed, though when out in the jungle, she wears it up.

Her eyes are a deep, intriguing emerald, much like the green of the jungle that surrounded the valley of Lyrean.

She has some lionesque features in her human form, namely a pair of felyne ears and a tail, the same auburn as her hair.

One of the first things you will learn about Roxy is that she is a curious creature. She often stares at people or things she is unfamiliar with, trying to analyze them from a distance.

She is also hard headed, not usually one to accept help from others.

She is fiercely loyal to her friends, most of all her family.

A warrior at heart, she will never back down from a challenge or a threat.

All this aside, she is a mothering sort of creature, obvious when you see her with her youngest children. All her fierceness disappears and instead you can see the soft creature she really can be.

This could all be quickly turned if you ever hurt her family. She would kill you in a heartbeat and not think twice about it.

Despite her warrior tendencies, she is literally scared to death of wolves and the like. Very few have ever been allowed near her, in fact, she can count them on one hand.

An expert in dual wielding. One of the few who can dual wield two different types of blades.

An innate ability to sense the feelings of others, which she calls empathism. In times of stress, she cannot control it, and is easily overwhelmed. She is constantly tuned into those closest to her, namely her husband and children, and has an almost eerie ability to sense when something is wrong with one of them.

She has a beautiful, almost magical, soprano voice. Her music easily puts children to sleep, and even the weak minded. It is quite easy to tell her mood from her melodies.

She can shape shift into a large, auburn furred lioness, though she seems more like a house cat than a five hundred pound feline.

She has some power over the elements of fire and water, though mainly they are used through her blades, Ragnor and Twinkle, she can start a fire with a snap after a couple of tries.
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