Before Lyrean...

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Before Lyrean...

Postby Roxy » 11 Jan 2012, 19:39

Many years ago, a set of twin girls were born to a normal, human family. The single difference of the pair were their eyes. One was born with gentle, emerald orbs, and the other, piercing, golden ones. Otherwise, they were exactly the same in physical appearance.

As the girls grew, the difference between the two became clearer. The eldest twin, who would later be known as Roxy, soon devoted her life to swordplay, hand-to-hand, any knowledge on fighting she could. As a result, she shut herself off from her family even at an early age. The youngest, Constance, was flighty, hyper, preferring to play and have fun.

While the loving family grew, there was a terrible plan being hatched. You see, the father of the twin girls worked as a zoologist, and mainly studied lions. This man was unnaturally interested in the study of chimeras, humans, specifically. For years, the scientist tried to create a human chimera with lions, but the pregnancy would fail each time.. He grew more discontent with every defeat. Finally, one day, the girls’ father snapped. He took the strongest of his two daughters, the eldest, and forced her to his laboratory..

Years passed and eventually, the girl, had become the man’s prized experiment. He had successfully rewritten her DNA to make her half human, half lion. She had grown into a teenager, and as she grew, her hatred of her father grew as well. One can only cage a lion for so long before it becomes restless. The madman was now a much older man, far too feeble to fend off the attack that had been pending since the girl was too young to fight properly. She was stronger, her blood boiling with the fierceness of a lioness.

And one day, she escaped, leaving the scientist torn to shreds.. Leaving her father dead, though the remnants of her family searched for years.

After many years of travel, at the young age of fourteen, she discovered K’treva, a land plagued by fierce Dragons. It was here she made her first home.

K’treva was a land haunted by the dragonkin, but inhabited by wonderful people. She soon made this new place her home, picking up her swords to fight against the threat. It was here she fell in love for the first time, was adopted into a family, and even met Athos.

....but one, gloomy day, her home was gone, destroyed. It was assumed by the survivors that the Dragons finally made their way in to the city, destroying all within. Roxy was homeless again, thinking she had lost everyone she held dearly.

On her way through a port a few years later, she ran in to an old friend, Athos, from her time in K’treva. The two were ecstatic about their fated meeting and he spoke of his new home, Lyrean, with such earnest, and invited her to stay there for a while. She happily agreed, worn from travel, and the two became close friends once more. Soon, she found a home again, in this new land, which was fighting off a fearsome Cannibal King. She joined the cause, eager to make herself part of this village.
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