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Lyrean's Theme and Period

PostPosted: 21 Dec 2011, 13:18
by Moreta
Like most RP venues, Legend of Lyrean staff prefer that that players keep their role play appropriate to the theme of the site.

The Valley of Lyrean is situated in a tropical jungle/rainforest in the 900's (10th Century).

To that end, we have Tribes, not Clans, a Jungle, rather than a Forest, and a Cannibal King, instead of a Green Dragon.

The culture is a blending of Meso-American, South American, and African cultural influences with some unique qualities. The time frame is early 900's AD.
Think the jungles and rainforests of Central and South America mostly, with some of Africa mixed in, without European influence.

While the climate is usually tropical, we do allow for snow and such during certain times, since people like to RP winter activities, and there may well be other weather anomalies from time to time due to various influences.

Nothing mundane that did not exist in the 10th century exists in Lyrean, in terms of conveniences, appliances, electricity, firearms, modern anything, etc.

Lyrean Calendar

There are 15 months in a year and there are 50 days per month in Lyrean.
Since there are 24 game days per RL day, this means that a month goes by in just over 2 RL days.

The dates, months, and years displayed near the top of the page in the main village DO keep accurate "Lyrean Time".

A passerby remarks that today is Komodaei, 49 Morbidan in the year 924.

The months are in order, as well as the day and year. You can enrich your RP by paying attention to this and incorporating it.

Of course, we understand that your character may come from somewhere, or even somewhen else, and are likely to bring bits of your culture with you, but it should be understood that such things are not part of the local, Lyrean culture.

As such, you may carry a firearm, electronic device, or other modern item with you, but there will be no local resource for obtaining said items, nor will there be support for them. Once the batteries die, that's it, unless you happen to have a stockpile of them. If something needs plugging in, it is useless in Lyrean, unless you can find some way to power it alternatively, and so on.

It is also expected that if someone does walk in with some modern thingamajig, most of the other villagers will have no clue at all what it is or what it is for.

Things like jeans, bikinis (or swimsuits at all!), "little black slinky dresses", Dockers, or any other modern clothing is unheard of. Your character shouldn't be wearing any sort of modern attire unless you have a good explanation for it, and, again, the other villagers will think it is very odd indeed!

Since it is a fantasy realm, there may well be magic, which can account for a lot of things which would otherwise be impossible in the time period, but it is important to explain such things in realistic (for the environment) terms.

If you turn on a light by means of a switch, for instance, you should be able to explain how it works (ie: perhaps the clicking sound signals an imp, who then scurries across a wire and lights the oil lamp).

Stay tuned for the upcoming post on how to have "modern conveniences" in ancient/medieval times.