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This is a place for aspiring, novice and experienced coders alike to share tips, tricks, links and module help. And, of course, to chat and commiserate about coding wins and woes.
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Sometimes, coder forums can be a bit elitist when newbies post "stupid" questions.. Meaning they post a question before they've read EVERY single bloody thread on the site to see if their question has already been answered.

That sort of crap will not be allowed here!!! Period! If you happen to know that someone has already answered the question, simply point the new person asking nicely to the relevant thread.... Just like you probably wished someone had done for you.

The attitude here is not, , "We all had to learn the hard way, so we will pass on the hardships!" It is, "Many of us had to learn the hard way and know how much it sucks, so we are helping make it better for future generations of coders."

If that doesn't suit you, please feel free to leave or keep silent.

Otherwise, welcome aboard!

DragonPrime - The Official LotGD modder community

Postby Moreta » 16 Nov 2011, 14:52

Of course, the mandatory first post for this section includes a link to the OFFICIAL LotGD modder community, DragonPrime


They have TONS of forums and posts on all manner of things.
Do be aware that they DO tend toward the elitist attitudes listed in this section's rules, so tread carefully.
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