Rules & Guidelines for Realm Wide Role Play Events

Do you have an idea for a realm-wide RP event? Start a thread about it here! Don't go into TOO much detail here, otherwise, things won't be a surprise at all, but general ideas that you think would engage other players are great.

If you have an idea for a specific storyline, send a private message to Moreta on here, Yahoo Instant Messenger, or YOM.

Rules & Guidelines for Realm Wide Role Play Events

Postby Moreta » 18 Nov 2011, 19:43

If you want to go forward with a realm wide role play (RWRP), you need to read this first!

In order for any RWRP to be accepted, there are a few things that you must have in order to present to staff first:

• A fleshed out idea, with a beginning, middle, and end already in mind.
You don't have to have all the details and guts of each part figured out, but you at least have the basic outline.

• A proposed timeline. Again, it doesn't have to be perfect.. An experienced staff liason will help you to hammer out the details, but you have to show your commitment by doing the advance footwork.

According to player feedback on the subject, a couple weeks to a month, tops, is how long any RWRP should last. Otherwise it just gets tedious. The official limit is one month.

A timeline would be something like...
Day one: Official start.
First week: Antagonists or evidence of situation are seen here and there. Gossip at the inn. Hints of something afoot.
Second week: Confrontation with antagonists/situation/etc, impending battle or disaster or whatever.
Third week: small initial events (ie: skirmishes, tremors, storms), leadup to main event, main event.
Fourth week: Resolution and aftermath.

This is a rough idea, and can be adjusted to fit, but is pretty much a tried and true formula.
Everything need not be scripted.. That would be borrrrring, and not allow for it to flow and evolve organically, but it will need to be kept from muddling along.

• A team. This means that you need at least three other non-staff players who are on board, and willing to commit to being active in the planning and execution of the RWRP. These people must be able to follow directions, work as a team, and keep planning information confidential. At least one member of your team must be the designated recording secretary. This means they will make *certain* that updates get posted in the apropriate threads/sub boards on the forums regarding what things have taken place.

You need to be sure that everyone is on board and able to be around to keep the story moving once it is started.

• Leadership ability!! You will be assigned a staff liason who will help you move the story along, make sure things are proceeding as they ought, and to see to it that MotDs and notices are posted accordingly, but YOU need to be on top of things! It will be up to you to keep in close contact with your team members and keep things moving. Your staff liason and other Lyrean staff will assist you as needed, but the bulk of the work is on your plate.

If your idea is accepted, then it moves into the initial planning stage.
A separate, password protected sub board will be created on the forum, which can only be accessed by Lyrean staff and team members for that particular RWRP.

Things to think about when doing the planning:

• How will the introduction of the situation and/or characters involved take place? (ie: the start)

• Who will be playing what or whom? (NPCs)

• How will the back story be introduced?

• What are some main storyline points, such as, what characters will definitely die, which ones will not, specific things that WILL happen, and what turning points there should be?

For a better idea of how to flesh this stuff out, have a look at the archived Centaur RWRP stuff, here: ... =realmwide
Sticky posts are the ones which were originally on the planning board, viewable only by Event Coordinators.

Once the RWRP is actually started, and after the first thing has "happened" in Lyrean, a second sub board, one that is visible to everyone, will be created to keep track of happenings. This is often in the style of news or public bulletin boards in a town square. Things mainly stay in character in this area.

Here are some things which are absolutely required for your RWRP to get past the planning stage and be carried out and continued.

• Regular communication amongst team members on the forum, as well as any additional communications. Discussing things via IM or YOM is fine, but all such discussions must also be noted in the forum, as that is where the official discussions take place.

• Doing your own footwork! This includes things like recruiting your team members, inciting interest in your idea if it requires more participation, doing any research needed to make it believable and keep it within Lyrean's theme and time period (10th century rain forest)

• Keeping a positive attitude, especially when dealing with staff and waiting for approval! One of the fastest ways to get your idea shot down, even if it is a good idea, is to nag and whine at staff about the approval process!

• Keeping player input and preferences in mind. The idea of a RWRP is for everyone to get involved and have fun, so if the majority of players are opposed, it isn't going to happen and/or will be cut short.
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