Vetoed module/feature suggestions and requests

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Vetoed module/feature suggestions and requests

Postby Moreta » 11 Dec 2011, 21:11

This is the list of ideas which the Lyrean Staff have decided not to implement, for various reasons.

Please check this list before making a suggestion.

A Gem Bank
(Not needed. Gems aren't lost upon death/CKK and the dwellings have larger vaults. It's also been a glitchy module for us)

Outbox for YoMs (It's a major resource hog and we're not a mail server)

New Day Button (The general one is a reward for when we get 100% donations. The Donator version is bugged and doesn't work properly)

(Livechat is not accessibility-program friendly. As we strive to be accessible to players, it would go against that purpose)

Bio Music
(It would be a massive resource hog, plus hard to monitor for content. So we don't feel we can make this available for everyone)

Mayor/Taxation (We had this. It was abused, caused massive infighting, and resulted in a huge system-wide headache)

Multiple Villages/Travel (We have chosen to be a one village town for a many number of reasons. If nothing else, the two owners aren't a fan of them at all.)

Players able to delete commentary in their Dwellings
(The potential for abuse is so high that it's not worth considering, plus it would require a complete overhaul of the commentary system)

Anything involving awarding/buying/selling CKKS
(Folks, if you want additional CKKs, outside of a stat transfer, play the game).

Ability to sell HP in the Bazaar
(It would allow people to circumvent the HP cap rule and break PvP.)

Ability to sell attack/defense in the Bazaar (It would break PvP.)

Ability to sell Alignment in the Bazaar
(The way Alignment works would mean that going evil is free and going good costs gold. Unbalanced and unfair.)
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