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Postby Vittoria » 31 Mar 2012, 11:53

Name: Vittoria Bardanal/Shade
Age: 25
Height: Six feet Three inches
Weight: 135lbs
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (most of the time)
Eye Colour: One teal eye and One violet eye
Hair Colour: Dark teal
Unique Markings: Unexplained stripes

History: Many moons ago, when parts of the world were still new the fey roamed over several lands in the south. All manner of beasts and beauties romped through meadows and vales and among these creatures existed nymphs and dragons. Even in beauty though, there was War and the dragons would travel the lands destroying their enemies, namely the vampires. Through the ages, they developed the unique ability to transform into a human-like form. Their tails and wings would disappear. Only their eyes would reflect that they were not mortal born. One day, it just so happened that a man, named Darien was out among the woods by his lonesome and came across a nymph sun-bathing. The Dragon was taken with the nymph and soon found her name was Hybrys. After a whirlwind courtship and romance, they were to be wed and so it was. Beneath the light of a full moon a handfasting was performed and the two were joined together and eleven months later a child was born; a child with the wings and tail of a dragon but the beauty of a nymph. The child, a girl, was named Vittoria for Victory and prosperity. Darien thought it a fitting name for such an unusual child. For a time things went well for the new family, but Hybrys was a nymph and thus was a slave to her urges. Despite the newborn child (then stripeless) and her lover Hybrys disappeared one night without warning, leaving Darien to raise this child on his own. This would shape Vittoria's life drastically.

Years passed by for Vittoria and Darien, until she turned four. At that point, like all young children in the tribe, she began her training. At first, the skills were basic, but the child excelled at anything she did. For the years to come the children of the tribe continued their training and Vittoria had completed it by age fifteen, two years early. Darien, who had been promoted to the leader of the tribe, found it necessary to make Vittoria the head scout for the tribe. Her agility was unmatched. Hoping to impress her father, she was vigilant in her duties. It was at this point that her father's second in command Jeake began to notice her. Vittoria paid him no mind, but he was not to be shrugged off. Despite her protests he would take advantage of her and threatened her life should she tell Darien. Jeake took what he pleased when he pleased and the girl said nothing. She was not bothered as much by his attitude as time went on, perhaps it was her nymph nature.

One night, on the eve of her sixteenth eve in the world she was sent on an important mission. She was to capture the best scout of the Vampires. He had been following them for quite some time. Without surprise, she succeeded, but before arriving back in camp the vampire convinced her of his love for her and convinced her to set him free. Agreeing, Vittoria led him back to camp where he was tied up in his own tent. Late in the evening she went to him and freed him of his bonds; however; Jeake and Darien caught the girl. Furious, Darien disowned her on the spot and proclaimed that there would be a ceremony in the morning. With that, Vittoria was tied up and awaited the rising of the sun.

Vittoria somehow drifted to sleep that night but was jerked awake that morning and dragged against her will to a smooth boulder where she was tied down. Her father had a bowl of an unknown substance and a dragon claw in his hand. He was to perform the marking of a traitor. the substance in the bowl pained her twice and much as the claw digging into her skin did. When Darien was finished, she was covered with the dark stripes she wears today; the mark of a traitor. After Darien had finished he and the rest of the tribe left Vittoria near death on the boulder and disappeared.

Somehow, Vittoria freed herself and wandered for the next year learning healing magics and control of the earth from passing Gypsies and the like. At the end of her sixteenth year, she came upon a realm named for a Golden Dragon. There she met Kaiser, Guy and Darklight.

Kaiser and Guy were born of Dragon blood too, but Darklight was made a vampire. Somehow the ragtag group accepted one another as family and thus their adventures began. It was from this young point that Vittoria entered in to her first marriage with Skud. It was tumultuous and rocky and did not last. Vittoria was flighty and left him after he had bitten her and caused her to almost die in the process of becoming a vampire. He later committed suicide, freeing Vittoria from the grasp of the vampire affliction. She went through several more failed marriages of no consequence until Janus came to the realm. He wooed her and she fell for him as never before. He was mastering time and space and was an older man. Their relationship was torrid and filled with passion, but it was not made to last. As time wore on Janus turned his eyes to Darklight and left Vittoria. The girl was heartbroken. She had never been left before. She always did the leaving. At a point, Guy went on a rampage and killed Vittoria sending her to the Underworld to spend time with the god of the Dead. Her family could not allow this though and thus they saved her. Soon though, the realm fell into Chaos and the members of it dispersed. This is when she lost contact with those she loved. This is when she made the blood pact with the Gods to keep her sister and brothers safe.

The Gods called upon Vittoria often and had her do their dirty work. It was the life of a warrior. She was called a half-breed, as well as a treacherous whore. She endured for the sake of her family.

For a time she bounced from realm to realm going through several marriages. All of them were short-lived passionate flings that all ended in flames. Thus was her custom. As she bounced here and there she was increasing her magics and received many admirers who to this day know her and remember her.

At long last, after many more trials and tribulations, Vittoria arrived in Lyrean for the first time. It was young then. She married Ken Masters and was happy for a time. But, time progressed and he began treating her like a trophy. This she did not take kindly to, and right there the whole time was Ramius. He consoled her and provided advice to her. Vittoria soon found she loved him immensely and left Ken shortly and married Ramius. Their marriage failed as well. She could not choose and soon disappeared from the realm only returning rarely. Even though she was scarce she married Hero Nicky. A fitting match there is no doubt, but soon she disappeared without notice, leaving him to wonder and soon leave her and leave the realm.

She would then be found in the realm that Cassius resided in. There she was torridly involved with him even whilst he was married. She was never married in the realm of Dragon Machine. She was wild and not interested in any but Cassius who would not have her and only her. for a time she pursued him, but left that realm and began her wandering once more.

Once more she found her way to Lyrean and found herself in an odd relationship with a vampire named Zero Kiryu. She had no affection for vampires, but this man changed that and soon after broke her heart several times. It did not matter, she found Blitzkrieg and they were married. Soon though he disappeared, but a man named Drake took his place. She fell in love with him as well, and it did not work. However, they did create the Clan GODS together and had been building it to greatness until a series of events ruined the ideal for Vittoria. At some point during that she was married to Zero Kiryu, but divorced him as was her nature.

Soon, she found herself attracted to another vampire. Stefan Cyrus Shade was his name. They married quickly and have been together ever since. In the midst of her marriage she was transformed into a lycan after an incident in a realm far away, but found a cure. She also thought her family to be dead and thus broke the blood pact with her gods. They waged war down upon her, but she survived through less than acceptable means. Recently, centaurs have come to Lyrean and Athos has asked Vittoria to be his Lieutenant. Vittoria has accepted the job and after a meeting with the Fates has had her healing powers removed.

The war against the Centaurs was won by the sweat from the brow of Athos, Roxy, Vittoria and all of their comrades. Lyrean has remained peaceful for some time since then.

Shortly after the war with the Centaurs, Vittoria's husband, Shade, went missing. She waited for him for many, many months. Soon though she received word that Shade had died in some far off realm. The details were scarce and debatable at best. Nevertheless, Vittoria was heartbroken for some time and offered herself to Moreta as a slave. She disappeared into the Jungle and wandered the realms until her heart ached for Lyrean.

Upon her return she had found nothing different than when she left. The only thing different was her. She was now mischievous, disregarded consequences and hardly thought of her deceased husband. She also failed to acknowledge Moreta as her master. She has been blatantly disregarding her chores and duties as a slave. She fears nothing now. She is hedonistic and cocky (as her healing powers have been restored). She is simply itching for action whether it be on the battlefield or in the bedroom.
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