Moreta's Guesthouse - floor plan

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Moreta's Guesthouse - floor plan

Postby Moreta » 16 Nov 2011, 03:32

This is not complete, but it is at least mostly so, to give visitors and residents a better idea of where things are, for those who do better with a visual guide than a written one.

The main floor is on the left, the 2nd floor to the right.
Image Image

There is a large front porch, from which one can directly enter the sun room, on the right, or use the front door, as is customary for those just visiting, rather than residents of the house.

Entering the front door, there is a hallway straight ahead, and to the left of that, a large living room, dining room and well stocked kitchen and pantry. The hallway has an additional door to the dining room on the left and a den and large bath to the right.
The bedroom off the hallway with pantry access is the maid's quarters. The bedroom off the den is for temporary guests.

To the right of the front door, there is a sun room that extends out onto part of the porch and a stairway leading to the upper level, where there are several bedrooms, each with a small, private, flushing privy and a large soaking tub to relax in after a long day of battle.

Moreta's room is the one with the purple bed.
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