Den Floor Plan & Descriptions (X-posted)

This is the training compound for slaves being trained by Moreta.

The Pens are located about a mile from Moreta's Den of Sanguinary Pleasures.

Den Floor Plan & Descriptions (X-posted)

Postby Moreta » 17 Nov 2011, 21:36

This is a fairly detailed description of the Den, which consists of three floors.. The main floor, upstairs, and a basement.

This should help you in your RP to know where things are and such.

Remember, this is medieval times. There is no electricity, early plumbing (learned from the Romans) and no other modern conveniences. So, no refrigerator (that is what the cold storage is for), no coffee makers, power grinders, etc, etc.

The Den has hot and cold running water, as well as actual flushing privies. This is made possible by a system of cisterns, ducting, and a paddle wheel (to generate the hydraulic pressure for flushing and water pressure) on the roof, combined with wood/coal fed boilers and extensive ducting throughout the facility. Implementing this was not cheap, nor is keeping it going, but when you are soaking in a nice, hot bath, you will see that it is well worth it!

The Main Floor

This is where the main room is located, and where the majority of business is conducted.

The sand pits and tiles area are for slave dance and other forms of entertainment, such as wrestling and the like. The sand pits are also sometimes used for impromptu competitions between warriors.

The Bar:
Behind the bar, on the wall shared with the kitchen, there are shelves with various bottles of harder alcohol.. Remember.. No modern brand names and such..

More shelves on that wall contain drinking vessels of all kinds.

Lower on the same side, there is a stone wine rack, which keeps the bottles nicely cooled, containing bottles of every kind of wine stocked.

Additional bottles are in the pantry.

There is a brazier and a selection of pots and kettles, as well as other supplies for preparing hot beverages (like coffee!) behind the bar as well, along with a grinder for grinding the coffee beans.
Below the working surface behind the bar, there are cupboards with all manner of supplies, foods that don't need cooking, and such, and a small icebox that will hold a pitcher of milk, small cream pitchers, and other things that are needed for fixing beverages and small snacks.

Additionally, there are casks with mead, ale, paga, spring water, and other beverages. (basically, anything that ought to be in a cask, assume it is back there).

The main floor kennels are where most of the slaves sleep. There are twelve, stacked two high, in the kennel room, with small ladders leading to the upper ones. (like bunk beds) They are basically good sized cages, about 60"x80", and often will have big, mattress like cushions (like in the alcoves) and blankets in them.. as long as said slave doesn't misbehave. There is about six inches of space between the top of the lower kennels and the bottom of the top ones, so each slave has a bit of space atop their kennel to store items. There is also a basket/bin and a small vase affixed to the door of each kennel.

The two slave rooms are for slaves who have earned the privilege of having their own little room. Like the alcoves, they have no doors, only curtains and slaves rings set in the walls and floors to secure slaves when needed/desired.

Currently, Bessie is assigned the West slave room, and Tiebus occupies the East one.


The Second Floor

The upstairs contains storage areas, laundry facilities, 15 guest rooms, "modern" (for the times) privies, with running water and pull chain flush mechanisms, and a bathing room (for when a guest just wants a simple bath, rather than making use of the full bath house downstairs, or desires more privacy). Guest rooms vary in size and amenities, and a select few contain private privies and baths (details below).


The Rooms:
1. Standard Queen
2. Standard Queen (Reserved for Moreta)
3. Economy
4. Standard Queen
5. Deluxe Single
6. Standard King
7. Standard Single
8. Standard Single
9. Deluxe Queen with Attached Privy/Bath
10. Deluxe Queen with Attached Privy/Bath
11. Standard Queen
12. Standard Queen
13. Deluxe King with Attached Privy/Bath
14.Spartan (Best Price!)
15. Standard Queen
Most rooms are furnished with a bed, wardrobe, nightstand, small table, easy chair and slave mat. Standard single and economy rooms contain a trunk, rather than a full wardrobe, and may not have tables, or have smaller chairs.
Deluxe rooms are typically larger and better furnished.

Rooms Rental Costs:
Spartan: 500 gold
Economy: 600 gold
Standard Single: 700 gold
Deluxe Single: 800 gold
Standard Queen: 1000 gold
Standard King: 1200 gold
Deluxe Queen with Attached Privy/Bath:1500 gold
Deluxe King with Attached Privy/Bath: 2000 gold

The Basement

The basement is a full featured bath house, such as the ones found in the great cities of Rome, Ar and Turia.

It is a huge (larger than the upper floors, in fact. When the basement was dug, it was specifically dug out an additional four feet on the East, West, and South sides), mostly open design, with tiled floors, stone columns, growing trees, flowers and other plants, benches for resting, warming and cooling rooms, steam rooms, and a wide variety of pools for bathing, soaking and swimming.

There is a secondary kennel room in the basement as well, containing eight additional kennels, stacked two high in the same manner as the ones upstairs.

The slaves, of course, are available to attend to your various needs and desires here, like the rest of the Den.. whether you want them to bathe you, assist you with body treatments, massage, or just their company and conversation. Drinks and light snacks can also be brought down to the baths.


The Bath House features....

Washing tubs (located throughout)
Temps fully adjustable, regular draining.
With various oils, salts, scrubs, strigils, brushes, cleaning cloths, etc available.

Rinsing tubs (located throughout)
Various temps, temps fully adjustable, regular draining. .

Soaking pools:
  • blood (warm) - N.W. corner
  • mud (cool) - N. of blood tub in same area.
  • milk (warm and cold - water with milk added) - Just East of blood pool. South pool is warm, North is cold.
  • salt water (varying temps) - Just West of freshwater pools. NW pool is cool, NE pool is cold, SW pool is very hot, SE pool is hot, middle pool is warm.
  • Fresh water (varying temps) - East wall - boiling water at North end, ice water at the South, and progressively cooler/warmer tubs moving toward the centre, which is warm. The tubs all flow toward the centre.

Swimming pool (approx. 80°F) - centre

Rooms (listed from East to West) - North Wall
  • Fire room (full immersion in flames - benches made of lava rock)
  • Dry Sauna (160°-194°F)
  • Steam room (100% humidity - 90°-120°F)
  • Cool room (40°-50°F)
  • Ice room (below freezing - benches made of ice

Clay pit - North end of West wall - This contains damp clay, which is excellent for the skin.
Suggested use: After soaking or steaming, roll or sit in clay, coating skin. Let dry thoroughly, then wash. You may wish to dry in the dry sauna or fire room, for better results.

Sand pit - Near N.W. corner of swimming pool - This contains clean sand, for scouring and exfoliating the skin.
Suggested use: roll and/or sit in sand scrub your body well all over.

The goal is to provide something for all tastes and races in Lyrean.

This is contained entirely underground, so there is no natural light, making it ideal for those citizens who are sensitive to sunlight.
Plant life is grown using magic and science in lieu of sunlight.
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Re: Den Floor Plan & Descriptions (X-posted)

Postby Fabricean » 03 Jun 2012, 16:17

Wow !

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Re: Den Floor Plan & Descriptions (X-posted)

Postby Slave Kitty » 06 Jun 2012, 10:42

Read Them and Understood.
Yes Mistress. I Will Remember where everything is.
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Re: Den Floor Plan & Descriptions (X-posted)

Postby dragon50 » 17 Sep 2012, 11:30

Read and understood Mistress. Will try to remember where everything is.
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